Your Website IS Your Showroom.

Chess is a great game. It has been played for centuries. Chess was especially popular at the end of the last century. In the second half of the 20th century, chess tournaments were a continuation of the Cold War between the USA and the USSR. Even now, there are many Russians among the best chess players in the world. However, most of the life of chess these days has moved online. After all, now there are services in which you can easily play with people from anywhere globally and then review the game and study each chess moves of your own and your opponent.

Dealership location no longer matters – your customer’s location does! Imagine if your existing website displayed targeted, specific offers and messaging based on your visitor’s location (neighborhood, ZIP, city, county, state) inside or outside of your DMA – offers so personalized customers are compelled to take action.

Introducing Conversion Blaster, a new interactive Geo-Technology for any website – no app required. Conversion Blaster technology was created for major corporations and big box retailers whose business model depended on hyper-local website conversion – and those same advanced technology features are now available to auto dealers.

What is WEBSITE Geo-Fencing &

How does it help my dealership?

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OWN YOUR MARKET with Geo-Fencing

Website Geo-Fencing allows your dealership to offer customers personalized messaging based on THEIR  location.


Our dealers are winning by deploying deeply localized messages and wildly
increasing website lead conversion from their sales and fixed op departments.

Leverage Your Current Marketing Spend




Dealerships spend a ton of money on advertising – digital, radio, TV, print -pushing a specific message and their website URL. Tie that messaging into your website with Geo-specific messages to radically increase leads and calls.

Minimize “Showrooming” At Your Dealership



Ever see your customer on the phone while they are working a car deal or in your service waiting area? Many of them will visit your dealership website! We geo-fence your dealership and provide your customers with a custom welcome, video, manager invite and more.

Leverage “Showrooming” On Competitors Lots


“Showrooming” – Customers on a dealership lot that are comparing that dealer’s inventory and prices with online competitors.

We geo-fence your competitors so when their customers are showrooming and visit your website they are surprised with a very direct “why buy”and next steps message from your store.

Strike While The Service & Tire Iron Is Hot



Conversion Blaster allows you to geo-fence local auto repair and tire shops. When those customers need a 2nd opinion or quote and visit your website, custom messaging will allow them to take immediate action with your service or parts team.

Instant Large Employer / Corporate Benefits Program!

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We draw fences around large organizations; hospitals, factories and corporations in your market area and serve them a unique welcome and corporate benefits message specific to them when they visit your web site.

Honor Your Local Service Men & Women



Do you have local military bases or branches in your market area?
Let’s thank our service men and women for their service by geo-fencing those bases and offering those specific visitors military specific offers.

Create Personalized Offers for College Students & Employees on Campus



Speak directly to both students and employees of local colleges and universities, or even visitors at a local college game. You probably already have college offers and incentives – let’s make sure to geo-target that audience on your website!

Service or Sales Weather Based Offers



Want to offer free wiper blades when it rains, 4-wheel drive vehicles when it snows and air conditioning service when its hot? We set them up and they don’t trigger unless the weather conditions of the visitor are met.

A Fully Saturated Geo-Fenced Market


No matter what market segment you would like to reach, Conversion Blaster can get to them. Whether based on zip code, a neighborhood or even the entire state, we geo-fence to within 9 feet accuracy with highly personalized offers that convert!

48 Extra Cars Sold In 3 Months!

We’re proud to share our case study containing the Important Tips and Info on how B&B Automotive leveraged geo-fencing to win big on their website.

View the B & B Automotive Case Study Here


Way More Website Leads

Conversion Blaster makes your existing website irresistible – local, personal, targeted – drastically increasing sales opportunities.

Reach Your Customers

Your Website IS Your Showroom Reach customers based on location to compel your customers to take action!

Auto Industry Winner

Proud winner of the AWA Rising Star Award!

We have dealers that caught on quickly and started using Conversion Blaster radically bumping the 2.5%-3% goal to 10%, 15%, 20% and even 26% visitor to lead ratios! We have hard data of localized and interactive campaigns, one of which generated 608 quality leads in 90 days. Using Conversion Blaster our dealers are maximizing their existing adverting spend creating higher ROI – not to mention the increased sales and service business.

There are plenty more possibilities we can share with you – let us know who you are and one of our dealership specialists will contact you for a quick live demo and discussion of your conversion goals!

What types of challenges does

Conversion Blaster solve?

I am spending a fortune on website traffic buy not getting enough leads


Customers in my own backyard
are buying elsewhere

I want to sell more cars
outside of my market area

I need a better way to leverage service traffic
– while still running my drive


I need to move specific
models or old age units


What types of dealers use Conversion Blaster?

New Car Dealers

Independent / Used Car Dealers

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

RV Dealers

Motorcycle / Motor Sport Dealers