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May 7, 2016
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Simple website plug in helps auto dealers personalize and localize websites by delivering geo-specific campaigns based on consumer’s location.

Vancouver, WA – DealerSuccess, an automotive industry research/marketing/training company, recently announced the launch of its website conversion tool ConversionBlaster, powered by the auto industry’s first cloud-based geo-technology. Utilizing website conversion tools, dealers can increase efficiency and ROI and start converting more of the website visitors they already have. ConversionBlaster combines personalized, localized messaging and irresistible consumer features that precisely target customers inside and outside their DMA.

ConversionBlaster utilizes cloud-based geo-technology. It is a simple website plugin that requires no app for the visitor to download and works across all devices. Geo-campaigns are targeted so that they appear only to website visitors inside predetermined geo-fences. It offers fully customizable modals with weather triggers, transparent backgrounds, persistent inbox, animated features and a coupon print function.

Using ConversionBlaster, B& B Automotive, the nation’s #1 single-point ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ dealership, was able to increase their Q1 2016 website lead submission by 680 leads, resulting in 48 more car sales.

“The monthly expense for this kind of targeted solution is unheard of. In the past, we have paid thousands of dollars per month for geo-targeting and had zero results. This is the kind of marketing initiative businesses should be taking advantage of – it is one of the most innovative companies we work with. They are always one-step ahead and it is fun to be able to be one of the first to utilize a tool like this. We are proud to tell people about ConversionBlaster,” said Kelly Franz, Marketing Manager, B & B Automotive.

According to DealerSuccess President Joe Orr, ConversionBlaster geo-technology was not originally developed for the automotive sector but he saw a desperate need for it. “I saw a great need for dealers to stop being satisfied with just two percent of visitors engaging on their website and courted the board of directors to create an automotive division. We offer the service as low as $199 per month to encourage massive adoption,” Orr stated. “With a very low industry average conversion rate of around 2 percent, if a website sees 10,000 unique monthly visitors that equates to just 200 leads and 9,800 potential invisible drifters. ConversionBlaster enables auto dealers to capture more of the lowest hanging fruit and reach more of the 9,800 drifters with highly converting sales and service content which increase consumer on-site interactions,” Orr added.

“After 25 years of dealership retail management, I know dealers simply don’t have the time to put the thought into this type of localized engagement on their websites so, we do it all for them. Dealers have never been able to make time sensitive changes to websites….until now. If they have a weekend event, now they can have the ConversionBlaster team put up cool interactive and irresistible messaging in as little at a couple hours. If they decide to have a weekend sales event or service offering, now they can instantly have every website visitor in the know. Dealers can finally control and drive attention where and when they want it” Orr stated.

With ConversionBlaster’s geo-targeting capabilities, dealerships can target customers at competitive dealerships that are comparison shopping price/inventory on their cell phones as well as customer’s that traditionally shop at independent service centers, with localized coupons and incentives. Or, reach out to students at local colleges and universities; attendees at local sporting events, military bases, etc.

ConversionBlaster enables dealers to instantly start a corporate benefits program. Messages can be personalized for large businesses, zip codes, communities and states. Forms are designed to generate real leads with unlimited uses, they can be used for contests, test drives, special offers, and more; the possibilities are endless.

“Consumers are motivated by coupons and with ConversionBlaster, one of the many things we do is get them front and center with a single interactive offer, or a carousel, all of which are easily accessible and kept available in their persistent inbox,” said Orr. “Animated ads offer compelling movement – the consumer cannot resist reading the message. Imagine drawing up a fence around all your local corporations, hospitals and colleges, and serving them up a unique welcome and corporate benefits message when they visit your website. We create custom campaigns for each targeted corporation and set a geo-campaign around their building. When employees search online for a vehicle, (mobile or desktop) and they enter your website, they’ll be offered the exact special you want to offer,” Orr added.

ConversionBlaster plugs into Google Analytics and can track all consumer actions on both desktop and mobile devices and the mapping features enable dealers to see exactly where their customers are coming from. ConversionBlaster also ensures that the consumer is offered a good Exit-Intent offer, which can keep them on the site longer and increase overall conversions. It is designed to be consumer friendly, reducing bounce while keeping desired information at the consumer’s fingertips. Transparent modals are designed to be eye-catching and create the look of integrated website content. It is simple to launch on any page of the website and can be up and running in minutes.


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