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The Independent Dealer Digital Marketing Solution

The SMART Digital Marketing System is designed for Independent, Special Finance and Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealers
who want to drastically Increase Website and Facebook Leads, Credit Applications and Walk-In Traffic

  • Monthly digital campaigns work seamlessly across all of your marketing and branding efforts
  • Inexpensive and effortless - all marketing campaigns are done for you by car people
  • Our dealers get killer results because we understand your business and customers

Why Does The SMART Digital Marketing System Work So Well?

94% of our dealers have seen ALL TIME HIGHS in website leads since partnering with Dealer Success.

Once you sign up for the SMART Digital Marketing System, we start right away with creating timely monthly marketing campaigns on your current website, Facebook page, email templates, phone scripts, and more - offers so irresistible that customers must act now.

SMART dealers use these Done-For-You digital campaigns as the anchor marketing message of the month - attracting even more customers to their dealership while greatly reducing stress and time!

The DealerSuccess Team Does ALL The

Monthly SMART System Strategies Include:

  • High Converting Digital Campaigns
    Monthly lead generator campaigns are deployed everywhere your customers are - your existing website, Facebook page and more. 
  • Facebook Campaign Implementation
    We update your Facebook page and artwork, including weekly posts that tie into lead generator campaign.
  • Market Area Targeting
    Along with the general public, we allow you to choose the 10 cities, zip codes or market areas that YOU want to target with customized, personal offers.
  • Website Customer Grabber & Push Notifications
    We notify your website visitors on their devices about current campaigns to bring them to the dealership.
  • Special Finance or BHPH Campaign
    Does your store offer special financing or BHPH option? We have high-converting campaigns for that! 
  • Spanish Language Campaign
    We deploy select campaigns in Spanish for customers with Spanish set on their computers and phones!
  • Email Campaign Templates
    We tie your lead generator campaigns to an email template to be sent to your customers every month.
  • Phone Script
    Load your sales teams lips with campaign phone scripts to get more customers in the door!
  • Implementation Video
    Every digital marketing package comes with a short video on how the monthly campaign works to make sure your staff is aware and pumped up!
  • Weekly DealerSuccess E-Newsletter
    Every week you will receive info on the most important digital trends from inside and outside of the car business to help your dealership grow.


Kelly Franz
Marketing Director

BHPH Dealership

"This is one of the most innovative companies we work with. They are always one-step ahead and we are proud to tell people about ConversionBlaster. This is the kind of marketing initiative dealerships should be taking advantage of."

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