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Kelly Franz
Marketing Director

Largest BHPH Dealership in USA

"This is one of the most innovative companies we work with. They are always one-step ahead and we are proud to tell people about ConversionBlaster. This is the kind of marketing initiative businesses should be taking advantage of."

It’s that time of the month again.

You need to come up with a digital marketing campaign f-a-s-t that will get people on your website to contact you and drive foot traffic thru your door.

You can’t ignore it either, because successful dealerships know the value of a great digital marketing strategy.

STOP doing it ALL yourself.

Worse - you KNOW that customers are online, where you are having trouble keeping up with the demands of marketing to them in a timely and ongoing fashion - leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed.

DealerSuccess Has You Covered!

The "ConversionBlaster SMART Digital System" (Successful Marketing for Auto Retailers Today) was made for dealers like you who just don’t have the time or the team to implement monthly marketing strategies, or the massive budget needed for TV, radio or print.

Once you sign up for the ConversionBlaster SMART Digital System, we start right away with creating timely monthly marketing campaigns that are geo-targeted on your current website – offers so irresistible that customers must act now.

These monthly campaigns are SO STRONG that you can use them with all of your dealership marketing efforts to hook customers, create walk-ins and sell more cars. Best of all - these campaigns arrive monthly completely done for you.


The Conversion Blaster SMART Digital System is designed specifically for dealerships focusing on used vehicles, special finance and Buy Here Pay Here in-house financing.

Every month you will receive high converting digital marketing campaigns that are deployed on your website, Facebook page, email and more. SMART dealers use this digital campaign as their anchor marketing message for the month - attracting even more customers to their dealership - in droves!

Here's What You Are Getting

The ConversionBlaster SMART Digital System: 
Made for dealers who don’t have the time or the team to manage monthly marketing.  

Your Toolbox Will Contain Monthly Digital Campaigns and MUCH MORE:

  • Website Geo-Fencing (No App, No Beacons)
    We allow you to choose the 10 cities, zip codes or market areas that YOU want to target. Advertising assets can be created with a personalized message or offer based on the areas you choose.
  • Website Customer Grabber & Push Notifications
    We gather your website visitor info and then push them two notifications a month that appear on their computers or cell phones letting them know about your marketing campaign to drive traffic from the web to your showroom floor.
  • Email Campaign
    Each month we provide an email that can be sent to your customers to ensure they know about your current promotions and drive them back to your store.
  • Facebook Campaign
    Every monthly campaign is posted on your Facebook page, including weekly posts that tie into your campaign to drive people to your website or call your store.
  • Phone Script
    We’ll also provide a useful phone script for your sales team to use on incoming calls to load their lips and help get more customers in the door.
  • Implementation Video
    Every months marketing package comes with a short video on how the monthly conversion campaign works and best practices for implementation at your dealership.
  • Weekly DealerSuccess Tip & Strategies "Cheat Sheet"
    Every week you will receive info on the most important digital trends from inside and outside of the car business to keep you on your toes.

But Wait, There's More!

The first 37 dealers to sign up get these added enhancements to our already super effective SMART program. These bonuses will be disappearing, to be brought back as paid for enhancements - they are that powerful.

Special Finance / Buy Here Pay Here Campaign

Does your dealership offer in house or other special financing options? We will do a custom lead grabber campaign for your store based on your dealership’s financing options.

Spanish Campaign

Have Spanish speakers in your market area? The DealerSuccess team will deploy a Spanish speaking campaign that only people that have Spanish set on as their primary language computers and phones will see.

Dynamic Content Replacement

We will customize your current website with targeted messaging in 10 cities, towns or states, allowing your website to be custom based on your customer’s location – leading to way more leads and calls!

by November 30th, 2016 to Lock-In
These Extraordinary Conversion Bonuses!


What types of dealers use Conversion Blaster?

New Car Dealers

Independent / Used Car Dealers

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

RV Dealers

Motorcycle / Motor Sport Dealers

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