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We invite you to watch a quick video that Joe Orr created, speaking especially to dealership Execs and owners about the need for change in the dealership culture.

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We encourage you to continue learning about the exciting and profitable edge Automotive Online Retailing will give you over your competitors and Wall Street Investors, by visiting the following online resources we have created for you:


>> Download and read our customer testimonials.


>> Click here for the Top Ten Elements you will need for Online Retailing.


>> Winning dealerships usually have champions - does yours?


>> Did dealers create the Vroom and Beepi competition we see online today?

Our advice to any dealer who wants to excel in today's Online Retailing world:

  • Stay informed
    Continue to  follow Joe Orr, as he helps you navigate the muddy waters of Automotive Online Retailing.
  • The Forgotten Key
    Your team, when properly trained, can greatly increase profits and CSI. We can provide that training. Just ask!
  • Monitor the competition 
    Wall Street has gotten a taste of what earnings are possible with online retailing! Protect your market share!
  • The Unfair Advantage
    Using the right tools at the right time in the right way can keep you ahead of the competition.  Let us help!

If you would like to discuss and of the above options with our team, be it training, how to create champions, or just staying in touch, please do so without any fear of pesky sales calls or the harassment of up sells, cross sells.
We simply want to help you take care of business!